Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best Birthday Ever

My wonderful friend Leigh Rosenecker, mom extraordinaire, ace cake decorator and one-day Jeopardy champ, set up a Facebook group to secretly gather 50th birthday greetings for me. She printed the messages out, cut them into strips, punched holes and stuck multicolored birthday candles into them before mailing them off to my husband.

Now that’s a true-blue friend.

I had the best birthday ever. Thank you Leigh, my husband, my mom, my sons, the friends who joined us tonight and the friends and family near and far who gave me the best birthday wishes ever.

Fifty is the new fifty.

20th Birthday

30th Birthday

40th Birthday

50th Birthday!!!


  1. Your cake is HUGE and I LOVE what your friend did with all the fb comments. So sorry I missed out on it! So how old do you feel inside?

  2. Well, in order for me not to find out it was apparently very Today I feel...about five...8-)
    A friend's kindergartener told his mom he wanted a playdate with his friend Mason or "Pam." I was flattered! However there is a Wii and Lego at my house so that's probably the draw!