Sunday, December 6, 2009

And Now for Something Completely Different

…or random musings that have nothing to do with anything.

  • Georgia O’Keefe or Curious George?
  • Maine or Miami?
  • Mayflower or Santa Maria?
  • Hibiscus or hyacinth?
  • Subtext or subterfuge?
  • Centrifuge or centimeter?
  • Arbor Day or May Day?
  • Lions or tigers?
  • Zoos or amusement parks?
  • Pink or blue?
  • Gum or mints?
  • Football or Food Network?
  • Long or short?
  • E-mail or texting?
  • Yesterday, today or tomorrow?


  1. Okay . . . here goes . . . Georgia, Maine, don't care, hyacinth (for the smell), subtext, don't care, May Day, not tigers (last night I dreamed there was a tiger in a swimming pool, a kid jumped in and the tiger . . . you guessed it), zoos, blue, food, not sure, email ('cause it's more like writing than texting is) . . . gosh I love past, present and future so I don't know how to answer that last one.

  2. Definitely curious george

    Definitely Maine

    Since I supposedly had ancestors on it, I guess I must say the Mayflower

    Neither hibiscus nor hyacinth, I'll take daisies, thanks

    Uh, I'm no good with subtext or subterfuge

    Centimeters are cool

    May Day

    No lions or tigers, no animals in particular, sorry animal lovers

    Definitely amusement parks, zoos are sad

    Blue for me, thank you

    Mints are OK, but I mostly dislike gum

    Food Network, definitely

    Definitely short

    Definitely email

    Definitely today, it's all we have