Sunday, August 15, 2010

School Daze

It seems like only yesterday husband, younger son and his grandma and I were sitting around the dinner table talking about how many days til the end of the school year.

But it wasn’t yesterday, it was mid-May. Suddenly mid-August has rolled into town, offering a reprieve from the blistering 90-degree heat just in time for the start of school tomorrow.

My younger son, Andrew, was conveniently born 15 years ago today, his birth allowing his father to miss an all-day faculty retreat. I was glad at the time baby and I could accommodate him.

Tomorrow said son starts his sophomore year of high school. Thirty-five years ago I was a sophomore in high school. Today in the frozen yogurt shop I experienced a moment of sheer horror. It dawned on me I was closer in age to the elderly gray-haired couple at the counter than I was to the two sweet girls who looked like they could be Andrew’s classmates.

As I scrutinize my neck (a la Nora Ephron) for loss of elasticity and peer under my eyes at the fine lines staring to web out (apparently visible only to me, according to my husband, but there nevertheless!), it has occurred to me I’m missing the point.

Especially lately.

Time marches on. We wouldn’t want it not to. I’m think I’ve forgotten my central theme here, that of holding on and letting go.

Not only do we have to let go of our children, we need to let go of our youthful image of ourselves.

That doesn’t mean we have to become stodgy. Some of the most youthful people I’ve ever known have numbered many in years. Conversely, I’ve know those younger than me whose attitudes were ancient.

We have to treasure each moment and turn a myopic eye to the mirror.


  1. Pam, you look much the same now as in that pretty girlhood picture!

    And yes on letting go, of so MANY things, not just the children. Everything changes, everything comes to an end. It's called life, and it's a beautiful, mysterious thing, isn't it?

    Somebody I've known a long time told me awhile back, "You're looking more and more like your mama." I accepted this as a compliment - my mother was a beautiful woman - and just said thanks!

  2. Oh Susan, thank you! And your mama was a beautiful woman, inside and out, just like you!

  3. Time does fly by. My youngest is starting his 4th year of college. We do need to treasure each moment, for we will not pass this way again. Sometimes I wish I had a pause button so I could slow the passage of time a little.

  4. I LOVE this post. And I needed it in a major way tonight. Thanks, once again, for your beautiful writing and wise words.

  5. Oh MK , you are so welcome. My four and half year old niece and her seven month sister are here this weekend with mommy and daddy and it's taking me back to when my boys were little...8-) You're in the real wonder years...take much care!