Monday, March 1, 2010

Holding on and fretting so…

In early January when my oldest son and his girlfriend trudged through Storm Daisy in Denmark to take refuge in a hotel when their ferry back to Germany was ‘grounded,’ I took a nosedive into a bag of leftover holiday M&Ms.

And that was a mere snowstorm.

The earthquake that rocked Chile this week sent reverberations through the household of one of Erik’s best friends, Benny, from West Virginia. Our hearts and those of so many people we know went out to Benny’s dad, Paul. Benny is doing a ‘gap year’ in a town in Chile right in the epicenter of the quake. His mom was visiting him, and fortunately they were traveling nearly 500 miles south of the quake.

Until there was news, I can only imagine what Benny’s dad was going through waiting for communication from his wife and son. Facebook newsfeed notices constantly came up with Benny’s friends wanting to hear word if he was okay.

When we dropped then 16-year-old Erik off at a swanky hotel in Washington D.C. the summer of 2007 to head off for his year as a foreign exchange student in Germany, I sobbed uncontrollably once we got in the car.

One minute they’re infants bundled up in fleecy sacks and the next they’re taking off for parts known and unknown, whether kindergarten, college or a foreign country that quakes.

And yet, as I’ve maintained since I started this blog, if we do our job well as parents our whole goal is for them to be independent and have their own wonderful lives.

Still, I’m awfully glad Erik is home right now. And at this moment I really wish I could have Erik, Benny, Alex, Max and Cody in my old house on Cottonwood St. eating pizza, chocolate chip bars, and even playing kitchen cricket….


  1. Pam
    Not sure which post you refer to as being lame - I think they've all been good so I must enjoy lame. I know what you mean about wanting all the family inside and safe. It's a mom thing.
    I'm happiest when I know all my family is home for the evening. Even the grandkiddies.
    keep writing lame. Blessings!!!

  2. Barb,
    Oh thanks!! The one about the weather...pretty lame-o....8-)
    Such a mom mom and I refer to it as the 'chicks in the nest'!
    I still need to do so, but I want to comment on your EXCELLENT piece on Sunday. I passed it on to my husband, who last week spent a good part of his workday 'chatting' with our insurance provider and his diabetes supplier, who do not work well together.
    All the best!