Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Procrastination Nation

I’m sitting here at my computer, surely having exhausted every possible procrastinating tool. If I were my own ‘friend’ on Facebook, I’d hide me in my newsfeed.

Today it took me longer to unpack from my trip to my ninth West Virginia Writers, Inc. Conference than it did to drive from Cedar Lakes to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, the first leg of the trip home.

In between I did umpteen loads of laundry, went to the dentist, waited around for the surgery center to call with a time for my toe pinning / ankle tendon slicing / Frankenstein’s Monster foot apparel fashion statement ‘procedure’ tomorrow morning.

I even took time to dig out an old photo of my father in his Kalamazoo College marching band days in honor of my friend-since-6th-grade, Sandy Plenge Taube’s, posting her dad’s photo on Facebook for Father’s Day week.

Since I really have to go to bed, I’ll cut to the chase. Friends…whether those since elementary school who take time to check on you, or newer ones, like my gorgeous friend Franny, whom I met in exercise classes at the Y (and who called to see if I needed company after surgery tomorrow), or like-minded writer friends who are more like family you never want to part from…are invaluable.

They are worth embracing -- physically and spiritually -- and revering. Tonight my heart literally aches for those I just left behind and those I haven’t seen in years but who still remain close in my heart.

The pain of missing those is far more brutal than a few swipes by a superbly skilled surgeon.


  1. Hi Pam. Friends are wonderful! And, I hate unpacking from vacation, too. After finishing, you feel like you need another vacation. Good luck with your foot operation. May God speed the healing process.

  2. SO very sorry to hear of the impending surgery. No matter what a surgeon is doing it still means inconvenience, maybe some pain, and a pain in the arse. So sending you prayers and blessings and positive energy for healing.
    I don't do well with the packing thing coming or going.
    Spend the coming days recouping with lots of reading materials and chocolate and coffee if you're a coffee drinker. Foot will heal quicker.
    Take care of YOU. Make that a priority. we mothers have trouble doing that most of the time.
    Sending love, Blessings, Barb