Monday, May 31, 2010

Things I have learned being home alone for the first time in forever:

  1. Do not watch a zillion episodes of Criminal Minds, with an emphasis on home invasions by serial killers like Tim Curry’s creepy stalker, the week before everyone leaves.
  2. Do make a list of everything you want to accomplish when everyone (spouse, mother, both sons) scatters east and west.
  3. Do not expect to get anything done on your list. Mmmm…clean the kitchen cupboards, come up with a brilliant new writing project, bag up clothes for Goodwill, and recycle old magazines or watch dozens of episodes of Bulging Brides and Last Ten Pounds Boot camp dvr’d from the Fine Living Network in anticipation of said alone time? Guess what I chose?
  4. Do not think just because everyone is gone that you can lose the last ten pounds in five days, even eating your own (wretched) cooking. It’s just not possible.
  5. Do know you can lose a couple of pounds by counting the calories of every morsel you put in your mouth and by walking excessively in your lovely flat neighborhood.
  6. Do sit on the couch in the middle of the afternoon and read…and don’t feel guilty.
  7. And these things I knew already: it’s truly a blessing my mother has lived with us for more than a decade; in addition to loving them, I really like my husband and children; friends are invaluable, in-town and out; and I am ready for my vacation!


  1. Pam,

    Ahhhh...time alone! I am all for the reading and not feeling guilty! Hope you enjoyed it. But I'm with creepy shows. I freak myself out without help from tv! LOL


  2. It's that writers' overactive imagination, useful in our work, so detrimental when it comes to things that go bump in the night...LOL

  3. Love your list, especially 3,5,and 6. The only way I can lose weight is by counting calories and walking. Love the walking but hate counting calories!

  4. No. 3 happens to me every time I have a day off, or don't have to go into work until late ... such lofty goals! I never meet them.

    Love No. 6, though.