Thursday, April 12, 2012

This too shall pass…

… is one of the ‘mantras’ I’m trying to adopt for 2012. Another is ‘Just say no’ when you can. Lately, however, I need to admonish myself to ‘Just quit whining!’

This year I vowed to banish negativity from my life – when at all possible. Also, I promised myself this was my last year of volunteering – for anything.

The time has come.

My 21-year-old returns from studying abroad in Seoul this summer and has one more semester before graduating from college. My ‘volunteer career’ (as chronicled before here) started in a pumpkin patch when he was a kindergartner.

Another phrase I’ve embraced is ‘don’t engage’ as in when confronted by bullies, idiots, annoying people – let it go. There’s nothing rotten-to-the-core people dislike more than not having someone to spar with.

Life is simply too short to engage negative people.

But lately I feel I’m turning into a negative, whiney person and, whereas I’m not the Pollyanna my positive (and God bless him for it!) husband is… I don’t like being whiney.

Previously in this space I’ve chronicled the tale of ‘Whiney Girl Rides a Bike.”

When Erik was in first grade each night he brought home a text to read out loud to us. One story detailed the life of a cranky girl who did not like to ride her bike. It’s not quite the purple prose of the Dick and Jane years my husband and I endured (I went from Spot and Puff to Nancy Drew to J. D. Salinger and Stephen King, thank you very much). It does mimic that early reader style somewhat: “I do not like my red bike. I do not want to ride my red bike. Blah blah blah.”

You get the idea.

All three of us -- dad, mom, and first grader -- concurred this story should have been called “Whiney Girl Rides a Bike.”

We all also agreed whiney girl needed to get over it.

Me included.


  1. That is a lofty goal - we all whine sometimes. I believe it might even be good for us. I'll do some research and let you know!
    As for the volunteering, overload, I agree it's time to start saying no. AND it's time for some of those people who've said no for years to step up to the plate and volunteer.
    I finally learned to say no after playing Santa, suit and all for our daughter's fourth grade class. SHE WAS MORTIFIED. No more was I room mother.
    I did it all and now I'm proud to say I'm done. I don't even volunteer at church anymore. Not able. Neither is hubby. So we just enjoy the services, worship and go home guilt free.
    Now I feel guilty for saying that. Anyway good luck with your endeavors. I like you the way you are, if my vote counts! Love and blessings, B

  2. Keep me posted! And awww thanks....your vote def counts! I like to think of myself as a postive pessimist! 8-) A SANTA SUIT?! Oh my!! And don't feel guilty for saying that...we ALL have our limits!
    Love and blessings back, Pam

  3. I love this post. I, too, struggle with the whining on a daily basis. You, as always, put it into such hilarious perspective.

  4. Oh MK thanks so much! We're moms..I think it comes with the! Hope all well with you and your boys! Mr. "I'm sorry I don't have time in my schedule for piano lessons" (said so as not to 'hurt' your feelings) will be a senior next year!) 8-)

  5. Like Barbara said, we all whine. I loved Dick and Jane, Jack and Janet and Tip. We've come a long way since then. I agree, Life is too short. I've said lately that I want to live my life and have no regrets.