Thursday, July 15, 2010

“Not Quite a List Poem” or “The Dog Days of Blog Posts"

One of the best aspects of having poets for friends is being exposed to many different forms of the genre. List poems especially intrigue me. The poet itemizes something in a cohesive fashion, and the ending is significant.The structure of the words fairly sings. Originally what was going to follow was a list of random thoughts on July, but it wasn’t gonna be in tune.

As an aside, I went to one of those Facebook sites called “I Write Like” that checks what famous writer a person writes like by analyzing word choice and writing style and comparing them to those of famous writers. You paste in a sample of your writing so I ‘pasted’ in the first few paragraphs of my last blog post.

My analysis?

Bram Stoker. Yep, Dracula’s ‘daddy.’ Nuff said. Course my dh points out it’s my old-fashioned style. Tried another piece and got the bard…yes, that BARD…jolly olde England with the emphasis on OLDE.

Pretty much sums up July.

And I did have a pithy (okay, really pathetic) attempt at a list poem that started like this:


Fireworks flying forth, parachutes a dud

Friends gathered, food fine….

But I got sidetracked, which is just as well.

Think I’ll stick to prose and leave the poetry to the experts: the poets.

p.s. I just pasted in the first two graphs of this piece for analysis: H.P. Lovecraft.

The End


  1. How funny. I love poetry but simply cannot write it. I can write silly stuff and that's what I usually end up with even when I try to be serious.

    Anything to do with words is writing. I like to think my blog contributes to my writing although it is not putting any words on my novel.

    Off here to edit a few pages of said novel.

  2. I write like gave me Dan Brown on a blog, Stephen King on an essay, and Bram Stoker on a poem.
    Go figure.

    Also, if you like west virginia/coal-country poetry
    I highly recommend Kettle Bottom by Diane Gilliam Fisher. It's good stuff.

  3. Barb, good luck with editing...8-)

    Go figure indeed....8-)
    Thanks for the recommendation...!